Goran Runs 365 Marathons in 365 Days!

During 2023, Goran Nikolić will embark on his longest race to date. 

He will do it out of noble goals, which have guided him in his life so far. With the desire to draw the public's attention to the problems of the people with disabilities - a community of which he is a member - as well as with a clear intention to leave something that will serve the people behind him, Goran embarks on a 365-day journey. 

"Through the creation of a more humane environment, we should encourage people to express all their remaining physical, intellectual and other potentials more freely," Goran Nikolić.

Key aspects of Goran's "365 Marathons, 365 Days" project are: 


After 10 out of 10, 55 in 55, and 77 in 77, Goran's next mission is to run 365 consecutive marathons which means he will spend the entire year running!


Empowering sensibility towards people with disabilities and their needs that are currently manifested in accordance with the economic potential of the community.


Creation of infrastructural conditions for working with people with disabilities in the process of rehabilitation, education, and motivation, necessary for PWDs.


People with disabilities are more motivated than others because they always strive for equality and use every chance to prove themselves more than others, which is also the case with Goran. 

Ancient wisdom says: "If you want to act sincere, you must be sincere"

What is the route Goran will be running on?

If there is another dimension and heaven in it, my people and I do not seek it because we have it exactly where we were born.

I want to share the beauty of my region with everyone who will follow me. It is my desire to enjoy it together.

We are talking about a village called Velika Ivanča, leaning like a man in a comfortable chair on the southern slopes of Mount Kosmaj with a beautiful view of: Bukulja, Venčac, Oplenac and Rudnik, right next to the famous Orašac.

Therefore, the north of the Šumadija region.

This inspiring route with a start and finish at the location I chose for the development of a motivational rehabilitation and educational center is a peaceful oasis only 50 kilometers south of Belgrade.

There are two Spas with a long tradition in the area, establishments equipped with modern diagnostics, ideal for rehabilitation and recovery of the injured.

The primary target group is young people who are faced with damage to their limbs and senses during the war."

Do you expect the general public to recognize your sincere desire and stand by you during this project?

Ancient wisdom says: "If you want to act sincere, you must be sincere".

I have no doubt that I will be worthy of support because people tend to value effort when they recognize sincere intentions. If I did not nurture these valus myself, I would not even embark on such an extreme undertaking.

Not only do we expect support in the media, but also in the form of sponsorships and donations.

It is quite fair that the people who decide to support the project be visible during the promised days, 365. The project at hand is gigantic and without support it will be difficult to carry it out. The project consists of three phases.

The most difficult phase is the marathon itself, which involves running for a year. Along with that phase, the other two will come simultaneously - establishing the Media Center for people with disabilities, as well as construction of the Motivational Rehabilitation and Educational Center that will be cushioned on the slope of Mount Kosmaj.

It is clear that the realization of this enormous project will also require certain resources, which we hope will be realized through sponsorships, donations and other forms of support."

Do you expect challenges - and what is the biggest challenge - in the realization of such a project?

"There are two things you have to get used to in life: bad weather and bad people".

I have already gotten used to both things in the most different and unexpected ways through previous ventures. There is no chance to forsee all the risks involed.

The duration of the project implies a progressive multiplication of risks. Some can be influenced and the others can't. We are definitely witnessing a pandemic that at some point implied certain bans. Military operations are underway not so far from the borders of our country. There are no guarantees that something similar will not happen elsewhere.

In every project, it is important to take a good look at possible risks.

If we don't see them, we should invent them, that's what the experts say, not me. Risks are omnipresent.

That is exactly why several preventive steps were designed, since self-endulgance, exhibitionism, records, etc. are not what I'm chasing here."

Who is your biggest support in the project?

"The family was the biggest opponent of all my previous extreme endeavors, but later also the biggest support. I understand their concern for my health, which further motivates me to be as responsible as possible, mostly for their sake.

I would wish a family like mine to everyone and I guess then the world would be a better place to live.

If someone had given me a pen and a blank piece of paper when I was young, tasking me to describe my future wife and son, I wouldn't have had the courage to wish for what I have today.

Without my family, I wouldn't be able to give myself so much to the community. I wouldn't even be able to do this if I didn't have a warm home that I have.

Through the preparations and during the undertaking, my wife behaves like a caring mother, while the son manifests his concern in a different, masculine way. He worries, but he realizes that he helps me the most with encouragement from the stage when he sees that the decision has been made."

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