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Goran Nikolić

If you want to be smart - run,
if you want to stay young - run,
if you want to be pretty - run,
if you want to be healthy - run.

Who is Goran Nikolić?

Goran Nikolić was born on 01.09.1967.

He is the founder of the Paralympic Club and Academy “Junior”, and Secretary General of the same organization since its inception in 1998. One of the founders of the National Sports Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired and the National Paracycling Association of Serbia where he occupied the position of Secretary General for 5 years.

Goran organized and took part in numerous quests and endeavors which promoted the sports potential of the blind and visually impaired in a transparent manner.

He won numerous accolades and was acknowledged for hiss achievements and contribution in raising awareness of the Paralympic sports in Serbia.

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